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CryEngine is a game engine designed by the German game developer Crytek. It has been used in all of their titles with the initial version being used in Far Cry, and continues to be updated to support new consoles and hardware for their games. It has also been used for many third-party games under Crytek's licensing scheme, including Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and SNOW. Cloud Imperium Games use a modified version of the engine for the games Star Citizen and Squadron 42. Ubisoft maintains an in-house, heavily modified version of CryEngine from the original Far Cry called the Dunia Engine, which is used in their later iterations of the Far Cry series.

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Thursday 21st September 2017
CRYENGINE 5.4.0 Changelog Download
Monday 10th April 2017
CRYENGINE 5.3.4 Changelog Download
Thursday 2nd March 2017
CRYENGINE 5.3.3 Changelog Download
Tuesday 7th February 2017
CRYENGINE 5.3.2 Changelog Download
Thursday 26th January 2017
CRYENGINE 5.3.1 Changelog Download