I checked update history for some of the applications and there are a lot of releases missing. Where are they?

We focus on the latest releases. We added release history to some of our most favorite applications but the remaining ones have just the history starting from the date we launched our service.

I have an idea how you can improve Touchpine. Do you want to know it?

Sure! We're glad for any kind of feedback. Please use our contact form to let us know. Thanks!

How reliable are Touchpine notifications? Will I get notified in time when the new release is out?

We try to be as fast as possible. You can expect that your daily email notification will include all releases of your followed applications from the previous day.

Web integration

I'm an application author and I'd like to make it easier for my users to watch for updates. Can I use Touchpine for this?

Yes, definitely! Just add this code to your webpage:

<a href="">
<img src="" width="126" height="20" style="border:0px" />

The result will look like this:

Your users will now be able to access your application page on Touchpine with just one click.