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Linux Kernel

The Linux kernel is a Unix-like computer operating system kernel. It is used world-wide: the Linux operating system is based on it and deployed on both traditional computer systems such as personal computers and servers, usually in the form of Linux distributions, and on various embedded devices such as routers, wireless access points, PBXes, set-top boxes, FTA receivers, smart TVs, PVRs and NAS appliances. The Android operating system for tablet computers, smartphones and smartwatches is also based atop the Linux kernel.

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Wednesday 10th January 2018
Linux Kernel 4.14.13 Changelog Download
Friday 5th January 2018
Linux Kernel 4.14.12 Changelog Download
Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Linux Kernel 4.14.11 Changelog Download
Friday 29th December 2017
Linux Kernel 4.14.10 Changelog Download
Monday 25th December 2017
Linux Kernel 4.14.9 Changelog Download