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Nette Framework is an open source framework for creating web applications in PHP 5. It supports AJAX, DRY, KISS, MVC and code reusability. Original author of the framework is David Grudl, but further development is now maintained by the Nette Foundation organization. Nette is a free software released under both the New BSD license and the GNU GPL version 2 or 3.

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Tuesday 29th August 2017
Nette 2.4 2017-08-29 Changelog Download
Thursday 19th January 2017
Nette 2.4 2017-01-19 Changelog Download
Wednesday 21st December 2016
Nette 2.4 2016-12-21 Changelog Download
Wednesday 9th November 2016
Nette 2.4 2016-11-09 Download
Friday 30th September 2016
Nette 2.4 2016-09-30 Changelog Download