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OpenStack Compute (Nova)

OpenStack Nova provides a cloud computing fabric controller, supporting a wide variety of compute technologies, including libvirt (KVM, Xen, LXC and more), Hyper-V, VMware, XenServer and OpenStack Ironic.

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Wednesday 7th March 2018
OpenStack Compute (Nova) 17.0.1 Changelog Download
Wednesday 28th February 2018
OpenStack Compute (Nova) 17.0.0 Changelog Download
Friday 16th February 2018
OpenStack Compute (Nova) 16.1.0 Changelog Download
Monday 18th December 2017
OpenStack Compute (Nova) 16.0.4 Changelog Download
Wednesday 15th November 2017
OpenStack Compute (Nova) 16.0.3 Changelog Download