Touchpine launching beta

August 18, 2015

Touchpine entered beta phase and opened it's web to public. Starting today users can sign up and immediately start using Touchpine update notification service.

Many users are overloaded with huge amount of software they are using. They are without easy access to up to date information about current versions of the applications. This situation ends up in outdated software installed on workstations, notebooks as well as on servers and on cloud hosted machines. Touchpine goal is to provide easy access to software updates notifications as a service. Each user selects the software he or she is interested in using simple and easy to use web interface. Immediately they'll start receiving notifications about new versions of the selected software directly in their inbox. No need to spend hours looking for the latest versions on the web of each product or watching announcement mailing lists.

Thanks to Touchpine sophisticated monitoring backend users are able to request missing applications via the same mechanism they are using to add already monitored apps to their watch list. If there is publicly available information about application releases, the software is added to Touchpine monitoring service within 48 hours.

Registration to Touchpine is an easy process. The only thing which needs to be done is to fill out name and email on Touchpine sign up page:

Contact Touchpine: